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Fascinated by the strange banality of everyday life, Mmmh (aka Cheval Detroit) draws inspiration from day-to-day moments to invite his listeners into introspective, emotional and physical adventures that they can easily identify with.

It’s these small, fleeting moments of transcendence which he sometimes experiences, that inspire him to continue exploring inward and sharing a vision of music that is uniquely his own.

Whatever style he chooses to express himself in, he remains dedicated to creating varied and complex pieces, always full of imagery.

After diligently experimenting with the bodily vibrations of Techno and House, he released in 2023 a galloping triple LP between Synth-Pop and Techno on Lumbago Records. Simultaneously, he launched his Bandcamp page, and published two self-produced EPs in the same vein. Since then, he has continued his research in an even more personal direction, between Indie, Electro and Ambient.

In 2024, he began providing musical counsel and producing for other artists in his Parisian studio. He is also working on collaborations in the fields of video gaming and animated film, and finalizing the release of two new projects: his first record in the Ambient Pop register, and an EP in an unusual format on Lumbago Records.

Always eager to explore new artistic directions, Cheval Detroit likes to navigate between practices: production, live performance, composition, sound design but also photography and professional wrestling, a passion which transpires into his wild stage performances.

Live (Techno)

Live (Indie/Ambient)





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